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The bird life of the Elbe river landscape

If you want to observe the birdlife, you will find many places in the Elbe river landscape. Storks in particular feel comfortable here because still they can brood undisturbed, look for food in the meadows, and raise their young. Also, one increasingly sees migratory birds wintering here, such as cranes. But in particular it is the storks who are inhabitants of the Elbe river landscape

Leaflet about storks in the floodplain landscape.pdf

Greylag goose

Directly behind the dykes, they often find the ideal resting places. In late summer, they gather with their young. Even during the moult, they are found here because then they cannot fly for a short while yet.

Leaflet about swans and geese.pdf

Grey heron colony

In the oak forest at Radegast, more than 100 pairs of grey heron nest in March. When the first chicks hatch, it gets loud in the colony. You can see these elegant birds looking for food all over the water.

Bird life in the Elbe Valley

White-tailed eagle

Gliding majestically over the Elbe. Ducks and geese are its favourite prey and they flee in droves. They are particularly observed in the winter months between Bleckede and Wendewisch.

Here you find see more very nice photographs of animal from the Elbe floodplain:

Whooper swan

With a few exceptions, whooper swans are only winter guests with us. From the end of October, you can find them on larger waterbodies and in fields and meadows. The whooper swan is slightly smaller than the common mute swan. It has a deep and soft-sounding call. Whooper swans are very vocal and have an extensive repertoire, hence their name. The flight of the whooper swan is silent.

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