Untere Seeveniederung

Untere Seeveniederung Nature Reserve

Visitors to the 400-hectare Untere Seeveniederung nature reserve, between Winsen (Luhe) and Hamburg, can expect a large, open Elbe marsh meadow landscape. Today the wide wet meadows of Junkernfeld in particular offer the rare sight of an old grassland dominated marsh landscape.

Snake's head fritillary in Junkernfeld

They have a very special meaning because it is probably the largest occurrence in Central Europe. In particular the wide wet meadows of the Junkernfeld today offer the rare sight of an old grassland dominated marsh landscape. Between mid-April and mid-May, the snake's head fritillary blooms in the Junkernfeld by the thousand, especially in the northern part. Even if the plants with the graceful flowers are not blooming, the species-rich wet meadows with cuckoo flower, ragged robin, the pink flowering common bistort, meadow buttercup, and marsh marigold offer a refreshing sight on a circular walk in the spring and early summer. Information panels give details about the specialities of nature in Seeveniederung. 


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