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Experience the natural paradise along the Elbe:

The Elbe Floodplain, Elbe Marsh and Biosphere Reserve offer a variety of flora and fauna


The beautiful and varied Elbe river landscape lies between Hamburg and Hitzacker. A few minutes' drive from Hamburg, the journey begins through a region whose landscape is shaped by the river Elbe.

Elbe Region


The Elbe Floodplains and the Winsener Elbe Marsch are a unique natural phenomenon. Here nature can shape an entire landscape. The Elbe regularly floods meadows and forests and has created a unique meadow landscape over time.

This wide, beautiful and calm river landscape is an ideal recreation area that can be experienced by bike or on foot.

Elbe Nature

Elbe Experience Guide

The Experience Elbe Guide provides interesting tips on the highlights of the Region of the Elbe River Landscape and inspires you to put together your own personal excursions.

The Elbe River Landscape