Start of the book season

The book season has started


The last few days have been just cloudy. You don't feel like going outside. Many use this time to start the "book season". For others there is never a "book break".


A nice book, a cup of tea or coffee and made very comfortably on the sofa, so you can get through gray, dreary and cold days.

And we have a nice book recommendation for you!

"The Enigmatic Woman" is a crime novel by Carola Christiansen and is set, how could it be otherwise, on the Elbe.


A woman is found seriously injured on the Elbe beach in Hamburg. What little she remembers seems to have come straight from a bestseller list thriller. With luck, she will survive a second murder attempt in the hospital.

When chief inspector Adam from Hamburg-Altona begins to investigate, the mutilated corpse of a missing woman is found in the shoulder blade. Two puzzling cases where nothing is what it seems.

Inconsistencies keep cropping up during the investigation and then an unusual detective agency steps in and investigates on its own.

Commissioner Adam doesn't like this interference at all. It is not easy for him to keep all the strings in hand.


The story is written so exciting and mysterious that you can't just put the book down. If you are familiar with Hamburg, you will find the places described in your mind's eye. Nevertheless, this family story is also shocking, as Carola Christiansen also takes up the taboo subject of “violence in marriage”.


“The Enigmatic Woman” was published by

Ellert & Richter publishing house


Eine OrchIDEE für Dich und für den Regenwald

Es ist nicht nur ein Motto – es ist eine Zielsetzung des OrchIDEENgartens in Dahlenburg. Auch wenn die Orchideen die größte Pflanzenfamilie der Welt sind, ist durch den Raubbau der Regenwälder der natürliche Lebensraum der Orchideen bedroht.

Marei Karge ist eine OrchIDEENzüchterin. Durch die künstliche Vermehrung praktiziert sie Artenschutz. Mit den Weiterzüchtungen werden Pflanzen geschaffen, die weitaus pflegeleichter, blühwilliger und robuster sind als ihre Vorfahren.

Im OrchIDEENgarten von Frau Karge könnt ihr die verschiedensten Orchideen entdecken und kaufen. Wer eine Orchidee kauft, erfreut nicht nur sein eigenes (Orchideen)Herz , sondern tut gleichzeitig etwas Gutes. Denn Frau Karge spendet einen Teil der Erlöse zum Schutz der natürlichen Lebensräume der Orchideen.

Mehr zu diesem wunderbaren Projekt erfahrt ihr unter

Aufgrund der aktuellen Lage sind die Orchideentage und der Weihnachtsmarkt 2020 leider abgesagt. Stattdessen werden tolle Angebote und Neuheiten im Online-Shop präsentiert.

Fehlt euch noch ein Weihnachtsgeschenk? Eine schöne Orchidee ist etwas Bleibendes. Wenn ihr euch nicht entscheiden könnt, kauft doch einen Gutschein – das geht auch alles online.

Fotos: OrchIDEENgarten

Orchideengarten Dahlenburg
Orchideengarten Dahlenburg

Fishing on the Elbe


The Elbe is one of the rivers richest in fish species in Central Europe.


There are still professional fishermen on the Elbe today, albeit significantly less than in previous centuries.


In the unique landscape of the Elbe Valley, the fish is not only the food and livelihood for many recurring rare animals such as sea eagles, black storks and otters, but also for humans. Because fishing has always been part of life on the Elbe.


Trapped with a net, fish trap or fishing rod, the Elf fish enriched the menu then as it does today. A leaflet gives an insight into the fish fauna and its development. http: // /.../ Faltblatt_Fische_in_der ...


Numerous fishing clubs and guest anglers can pursue their hobby on the Elbe in compliance with the protection regulations in the biosphere reserve.

The bank areas are located in area C and can only be approached via the appropriately signposted paths.


Fishing licenses can be bought from numerous locations. This gives an overview of the sales outlets and the respective usable sections of the watercourse



Fishing licenses can be purchased in the Biosphaerium if you call in advance (05852- 95 14 14)

Archeregion River Landscape Elbe

The desire for diversity brings different farms together, because old and endangered breeds of domestic animals are kept there.


What began almost 10 years ago as the first Arche region in Germany with a few farms has now grown to a large network of around 35 Arche businesses, Arche farms and Arche parks.


The animals enjoy free grazing, experience caring care and are kept in a species-appropriate manner.

You can visit the farms and see how the animals are doing. The barn doors are open to curious glances. At every Arche farm you will discover a special story.


It is best to combine a farm visit with a bike tour. You can find tour tips in the "Arche Tours" flyer.


You can find more information at


“Seevengeti?” Never heard of it. What should it be?


Many people who are not yet familiar with this special nature conservation project should react in this or similar way.

The name Seevengeti is a made-up word that is made up of the sea lowlands and Serengeti.

Seevengeti is also the name for an area on Lake Steller in the "Untere Seeveniederung" nature reserve.


The project is a collaboration between the nature conservation authority of the Harburg district, NABU and a committed farmer.


There are no zebras, giraffes or lions running around here, as in the Serengeti in Tanzania - the Seevengeti is nevertheless a natural paradise for many plants and animals.


The appropriate nature guide "The nature reserve> Untere Seeveniederung <" with 168 pages and a clear map with all observation towers is available at the Tourist Information Winsener Elbmarsch and from the KCS publishing house in Stelle for € 9.90.

Hike or do you prefer cycling?

Whether in spring, summer, autumn or winter - there is always time to go on a weekend excursion into the countryside.


Just take a breath, switch off from everyday life and have a really good time.


It's easy to breathe deeply in the forest.


Have you ever made a detour to the Schieringer Forest?


Either you use the 12.5 km hiking trail or the Göhrde-Neetze-Tour by bike. Both tours lead past the Schieringer Forest.


In the middle of the forest there are several large stone graves that are more than 5,000 years old. In the Neolithic Age, they were built by humans with the simplest of tools and aids.


You can find out the whole story with all the information in the leaflet “The large stone graves in the Schieringer Forest”. This makes it very easy to discover the Schieringer Forest.


You can find out more about the Göhrde-Neetze-Tour at


If you got an appetite for something delicious on the tour, you can stop by the Hofliebe café on the weekends, which is on the route. End the day with a cup of hot coffee or cocoa with a piece of homemade cake. The café also has beautiful decorative items that are ideal souvenirs.


Photos: Biospherium Elbtalaue GmbH

Schieringer Forst, Bleckede
Schieringer Forst
A boat trip is always a special experience.

The Wilcke family has been offering various tours on the Elbe for many years.


A specialty now in autumn are the kale rides.

On November 29, 2020 and December 13, 2020, the tour starts at 11.30 a.m. in Lauenburg.

On the trip to Bleckede you can eat your fill at the delicious buffet with kale, boiled and fried potatoes, Bregenwurst, smoked pork and pork cheek.

By the way, when looking out of the window, you can enjoy the beautiful nature of the Elbe valley.

At the height of Bleckede it is turned and it goes back to Lauenburg.

The trip including the buffet costs € 32 per person.
Tickets are only available in advance!


The evening kale trip to the port of Hamburg gives a completely different feeling.


On December 4th, 2020 at 6 p.m. it will be “Cast off!” In Hoopte. On this tour you feast at the delicious kale buffet and let the beautiful Hamburg harbor with its various ships work its magic.

The huge container ships that you pass by are very impressive, but also the many beautiful lights.

The journey in Hoopte ends at 10 p.m.

The trip including the buffet costs 39 € per person.
Tickets are only available in advance!


The trip on October 8th, 2020 from Lauenburg to Hitzacker and back is ideal for those who decide on the last minute.


In Lauenburg (Rufer pier) the start is at 9.15 a.m. Via Boizenburg (10.30 a.m.) and Bleckede (11.45 a.m.) it goes to Hitzacker.

After an hour's break, the ship is back to Lauenburg (stop in Bleckede at 5.15 p.m. and in Boizenburg at 6.10 p.m.).

The special thing about this trip is that you can get on and off at the ports. The complete tour costs € 30 per person.

Registration is required!


On Tel. 04139-6285, Ms. Wilcke will be happy to advise on trips and take reservations.


Passenger ship "Lüneburger Heide" - passenger shipping company Jürgen Wilcke

With the scooter through Elbmarsch

With no gears, no chain and no engine, roar through the area at a decent speed ... You think that is not possible


Then try the Elbmarsch scooter!

The trend sports equipment is very easy to use, brings you safely over hill and dale through the landscape and ensures a lot of driving fun.


Whether field or forest path, whether sidewalk or farm lane, asphalt or off-road, the scooter does not run out of steam that quickly.


In addition to smaller and larger exploration tours, this completely emission-free device is also ideal for exploring nearby attractions.


Our tip: pack a small rucksack with a few sandwiches and let the wind blow around your nose on the dike. The day is complete with a small picnic in a beautiful spot.


Isn't that a great idea for the fall break?


Cost of renting a scooter:

3 hours € 5.00

a full day € 8


Information on beautiful tours and attractions in the region can be obtained from the tourist information office for the Samtgemeinde Scharnebeck

Tel. 04136 - 907 7500 or

Experience the golden autumn by bike


In autumn there are always a few days that are just lovely. Then it's off to the bike again.


Our tip: a tour on the Luheradweg - at the gates of Hamburg.


The starting point is the ferry terminal in Hoopte. From there you keep left towards Stöckte.

At the intersection of Elbuferstraße and Hoopter Straße, the signs for the Luhe cycle path to the Stöckter Deich start. (small L - see pictogram)

From the Stöckter dike you can enjoy the unique view over the nature reserve of the Ilmenau-Luhe-Niederung.


The Luhe flows directly along the moated castle of the city of Winsen (Luhe).


From here you can take a tour of the old town or take a break for some culinary refreshment.


Back on the Luhe cycle path, the path continues to Bahlburg. Here you can see real ostriches, so a visit to the Johannsen ostrich farm should not be missed.


It is only a small section of the Luher cycle path that we have described - ideally suited for a day tour e.g. B. from Hamburg.


The cycle path is around 60 kilometers long and is signposted all the way to the Luhequelle in Bispingen.


ENNI the living water drop goes on a journey

Go on an audio journey from Wittenberge to Hamburg with ENNI the water drop.

Accompany Jenni and Benni on their journey to and on the Elbe.

Let yourself be surprised by their imaginative story and their encounters with ENNI, the living water drop.