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Leisure Tips:

Exciting excursions in the region around the Elbe.


Many well-developed and signposted idyllic bike paths lead through the Winsener Elbmarsch and the Lüneburger Elbtalaue. Passing the sights, you get to the most beautiful towns along the river.

People biking along the Elbe

The flat river landscape enables extensive cycling and hiking tours. You can find tips on all activities, excursions and tours on the following pages.

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Ark region

The sparsely populated Neuhaus district extends parallel to the banks of the Elbe for around 50 kilometers. In 2011, the Society for the Preservation of Old and Endangered Pet Breeds (GEH) recognized Neuhaus as the first ark region in Germany.



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Our new campaign starts today

"I ❤️ ELBE".

Autumn and winter also have their beautiful sides in the Elbe river landscape. We would like to share this experience with you.

That is why we will be giving you lots of interesting tips over the next few days on what to experience in the Elbe River Landscape or where you can spend a relaxing day.


Go on an audio journey from Wittenberge to Hamburg with the water drop ENNI


Accompany Jenni and Benni on their journey on and on the Elbe. Let yourself be surprised by their imaginative history and their encounters with ENNI, the living drop of water.


Boat Trips

The ships on the Elbe are as different as the bank landscapes. You can enjoy everything from boat trips, canoeing and rafting on the Elbe. The Elbe ferries take you from one bank to the other.

Boat trip on the Elbe


Discover the Winsener Elbmarsch with the free bike hiking bus, the ELB-SHUTTLE. From May 1st to October 3rd, he commutes to the most beautiful destinations between Hamburg and Lüneburg