Garden Experience in the Elbe Region

A Festival of Colours - The "Luhegärten"

A festival of colours, shapes, and smells provides relaxing hours in the spacious ‘‘Luhegärten’’ (Luhe gardens) in Winsen (Luhe). The people of Winsen pay special tribute to their colourful gardens with the Tulip and Dahlia Festivals. The entire site is divided into individual park areas. With theme gardens and cultural landscapes of the twin towns of Winsen, with Mediterranean terraces and a beautiful rose garden and much more, the Luhe gardens are a real attraction. 

The gardens are also ideal for children and young people: with playground equipment and a skating rink.

The "Public Garden" Dahlenburg


In the middle of the village, between school, church and town hall, lies the public garden at a busy intersection. Actually the spot of deep lying dark earth is an inconspicuous little wood. But if one steps from the street, from the hard paved sidewalks through one of the bush gaps between the slender fast growing trees into the area, one finds oneself in a paradise. The soft moor paths wind their way past hammocks and trampolines made of branches, round nests and bridges over water ditches until one arrives at the "willow dome". Here the children and their guests sit down on a wooden stump in a meeting round. Together they enjoy the subdued light of the woods and the gentle roar of the treetops. The "Public Garden" was initiated by the KUNSTRAUM TOSTERGLOPE and the AWOSOZIALe Dienste in order to regularly offer children a kind of holiday trip to the nearby nature-art-game paradise.

Funckenhof - Adventure self-catering

For thousands of years people have produced their own livelihoods.  In the course of time the plants for food and clothing became more and more diverse. Together with the plants, animals such as cows or pigs made it possible to create a circular economy in which many so-called followers of culture, even plants that have been sown and other living creatures, develop. 

Andrea Funcke works in this tradition. The heart of her small farm is the "self-catering garden" with many raised beds for old vegetables and flowers. In the newly built fruit yard she planted historical fruit varieties, while the endangered "arche animals" such as ducks, geese and donkeys ensure a flourishing compost economy. On a specially designed nature trail, which connects the farm, garden, meadow and pasture, the guest experiences the principle of self-sufficiency up close.

Privelacker Paradise Garden

The Privelacker Paradiesgarten is located at the romantic dike loop, Elbe kilometre 18.8 (directly opposite the "Kniepenberg" lookout tower, Drethem). On the almost five-hectare site there is the old Ständerhaus from 1792 and an outbuilding in which there is a café and a small guesthouse. The name "Paradies" stands for the extensive natural beauty of the wild garden, which can be explored and circumnavigated on mown grass paths. The 700-year-old "Columbus oak", which is one of the oldest trees in Germany, stands on the small untouched meadow wood. Along the small pond, which is planted with marsh and water plants, you reach the orchard meadow with historic fruit trees. The path continues past the apiary to the wine plant and to the magnificent park and shrub roses, which are guarded by the "Great Guardian", the work of sculptor Klaus Großkopf. If you like, you can then relax on the café terrace, surrounded by herbs, and listen to the singing of the rich bird life.

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