Vacation on the Elbe - Enjoy water and land.

Experience nature and discover the Elbe Region, Elbe Floodplain and the Elbe Marsh.

The beautiful and varied Elbe river landscape lies between Hamburg and Hitzacker. A few minutes' drive from Hamburg, the journey begins through a region whose landscape is shaped by the river Elbe.

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The flat river landscape makes extensive cycling and hiking tours possible. In addition to the good signposting, support is provided by the ELB-SHUTTLE hiking bus. You can find tips on all activities here on our website.

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You are invited to try the cafés and the products made by the Arche-Farms. In addition to special meat specialties, smelt and pikeperch are often on the menus of restaurants and inns. Fresh milk products are also available in the Melkhüs on the Elbe

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The Elbe is the pulsating lifeline of the whole region. It flows evenly towards Hamburg, past small marinas, ferry docks and the fine sandy shores. Red or thatched roofs flash across the dykes and sheep graze on the green dikes. The landscape is an Eldorado for nature lovers, cyclists and water sportsmen.

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